18 November 2019


GEMEAC for Residential

Our Residential Air Conditioners consist of a wide range of Window Type Air Conditioners, Split Type Air Conditioners, Freestanding and Flexi Units for cool and heat functions, certified by the International Quality Standard Organizations to deliver utmost satisfaction to our valued customers.

GEMEAC for Commercial

Our Commercial / Industrial Air Conditioners are specifically designed, engineered and manufactured based on high standard system to meet product excellence, thus earning brand trust and confidence in the industry.


Room Air Conditioners

Window type AC with capacities 18K & 24K BTU/h covers both Cool only and Heat/Cool models).Utilizes Reciprocating Compressors& features an Electronic Digital controller and Mechanical controllers to address every customers’ requirement.

Mini-Split Indoor Units

Standard Wall mount system with capacities 18K & 24K BTU/h covers both Cool only and Heat pump System. The indoor units are matched with Saudi manufactured condensing units. Utilizes Reciprocating Compressors. Standard Split System features, with Electronic Digital and wireless controller.

Large-Split Indoor Units (High Efficiency) Indoor Units

The Large Split System air conditioners and heat pumps provide economical, reliable cooling and long lasting performance in extremely hot, humid environments. Features high power cooling and heating capacity ranging from 30K to 36K BTU/h. A micro computer control, fan speed functions, auto restart function, freeze and frost protection, that ensures unit’s dependable operation.

Duct-Split Indoor Units

Provide individual room or zone conditioning in both cooling and heating capacities from 18K up to 60K BTU/h operation. Designed for use with ducts to condition more than one area. Wall mounted electronic remote thermostat control. Fan speed options for special applications. Built to cope with architectural requirement and the benefits of mini splits and central system. Features an advanced Control and has ease of Installation.



Condenser coils are made of MHG (Mount Holly Gold) Rust Proof Material, there by ensuring sustained performance for the entire life of the unit with considerable savings in the Electricity Bill.


7mm Coils

We use inner grooved copper tubes & enhanced aluminum fins on coils for better heat transfer & EER of the units. GE units has better heat transfer because of the usage of 7mm IGT condenser coils in their units. The smaller diameter of the tube with inner grooves inside will enable the refrigerant to come in contact fully with tube and thereby enhancing the heat transfer properties.

TELE-SMART (Optional)

Electronic Telephone Remote A/C Controller

TeleSmart is a device that allows remote operation of the air conditioning unit via telephone – land line or mobile. The unit connects through the phone line and after password verification the unit can be switched ON or OFF, mode of cooling or heating can be selected and desired temperature can be set.

IONIZER (Optional)

The unhealthy positive ions in the atmosphere are absorbed by healthy negative ions, which are produced in abundance by this device. Cigarette smoke, polluted air and air borne particles are having plenty of positive ions leading to uncomfortable feeling to the human being. Thus with Ionizer, room air is completely made of negative ions giving very refreshing and comfortable atmosphere to the occupants. This device works on high voltage.